Madupot Malaysia is a local honey brand with more than 20 years collective experiences in collecting pure honey from the jungle and beekeeping.

We are supporting local bee farm to give the best quality honey to customer direct from the farm. All bees products from Madupot Malaysia are 100% pure and organics with authenticity test from experts.

Our Vision

  • Apart from our honey business, we support local honey conservation initiative to save local honey species such as Apis Cerana & Apis Dorsata.
  • We educate farmers and also honey collector the right technique of harvesting to ensure the sustainability of the species.
  • Sustainability is a good practice not only for profits but also for the planet. We want to ensure that local bees species to sustain at least for the next 100 years.
Our People

With Combined Experience More Than 20 Years.

All our staff are equipped with the right knowledge and skills. With 20 years collective experiences, we can assure that all our product is above standard. Combining the latest technology with traditional best practices mastering the art and science of beekeeping.

Our Process

All our honey must go through a strict procedure before bottling with Madupot Label. We follow International Honey Board (IHB) standard to promise its quality and authenticity.


You have the options to use online banking, credit cards or Cash On Delivery (COD). We Provide COD services throughout Peninsular Malaysia with DHL E-Commerce